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Keeping your home clean

Jess Lopez June 5th 2020

With the current climate and winter fast approaching we have been asked by multiple parents using our home scbooling materials what we think is the best way to teach children proper ways of protecting themselves through routine and have wrote a guide which is available for free by contacting us. If you don't have time to keep your home clean we highly recommend booking a domestic cleaner, there are very likely big companies able to help provide you with even better guidance than us! For local families try Maid2Clean Lincoln, we have heard very positive feedback about them.

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Personalising the development of children

Jess Lopez June 11th 2020

Trying to get your children started on the path to learning from a young age? We were just like you! Unfortunately for us there wasn't really any available materials across the internet at the time so we decided to create our own. We have since become quite the experts at personalising learning material for parents in different subjects, such as math, english, history and language.

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